Innovative Solutions for Transportation Challenges

The solution for transportation challenges begins with AC Logistics. Customers in diverse global markets rely on our vast intermodal shipping experience to move their products across North America reliably and effectively. Count on the supply chain expertise of AC Logistics of professionals for the well-managed solutions and personalized attention your business demands.

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The best of both worlds

The Best of Both Worlds in Transport and Logistics

AC Logistics offers a hybrid model of asset and non-asset based transportation and logistics services. We are an agent of the Matson Logistics and can access Matson Logistics’ vast inventory of shipping assets to provide you with premier service and support. This relationship is enhanced by our deep network of carrier relationships, providing seamless access to available capacity throughout the marketplace. Ultimately our customers benefit from our ability to quickly and reliably deliver the most efficient and economical shipping solutions, ideally-suited to their needs.

Unparalleled Shipping Resources

Blending dedicated Assets across all rail networks  enables us to position our customers to utilize the entire US railroad system.

Through our patnerships is recognized in the top ten of intermodal service providers. The ability to effectively utilize all network/rail systems produces not only a cost effective service environment but provides the customer with a strong intermodal rail contingency network, should there be a disruption in service on any single rail providers network the ability to move within all networks allows the customer to remain within budget and continue with rail services.

“Blending services of all networks, and leveraging the best routes and dedicated assets” within the rail system networks, sets apart from single rail network providers.

Intermodal Services: Features and Benefits:

  • Broad Network
    Access to nationwide service enables us to meet your needs coast-to-coast and across borders, shipping your products at maximum efficiency

What sets AC Logistics apart from other rail service providers is that we have partnered with all railroads on both the Western Tier and the Eastern Tier, bringing our customers “BNSF< UPRR< CSXRR and the NSRR services. This provides the customer the ability to have in place a contingency operational plan should any rail provider have a disruption in services, due to weather, strike,etc.

  • Flexibility and Capacity
    Through proven relationships, we can secure competitively priced assets quickly and easily, matching your shipping requirements and operations budget

  • Personalized Attention
    With AC Logistics’ personalized customer service, you gain the convenience of a single point of contact for all your needs


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